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Part One of the LP

Start the LP today by listening and working through Part One of the LP- available here.

This programme is specially designed to introduce you to the concepts within the Lightning Process and to prepare you for the seminars. It covers:
* The science and research behind the process
* What the Lightning Process is and how it works
* The importance of neurology in change
* How to recognise when we are switching on the ‘wrong’ kinds of neurological pathways that keep us stuck
* The importance of language in health and change, and how to use it to move forwards
* The power of becoming a compassionate & inspirational coach for yourself
* Case histories of those with a range of chronic fatigue issues who’ve found the LP life changing
* All the preparation you need to take the next step, the LP seminar

Please note: you will not be able to ‘do’ the COMPLETE Lightning Process simply by listening to this section, as it is contains only the first of the three phases of the Lightning Process. After listening to it you will need to take the second phase of working with one of our experienced practitioners in the Bath and Bristol team.