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Fiona Finch

I have worked for the past 30 years in various different roles, within health, social care and the private sector, helping people to achieve independence and change through developing their own skills and abilities.  I loved this work, but felt something was missing.  Through my studies of NLP, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy I have come to understand the huge impact language has on how we achieve our goals and also the power that we have to influence our own health and wellbeing.  The Lightning Process is a cleverly designed course that allows individuals to take control of areas that they may have felt unable to influence in the past – this is the missing link that I was searching for.  I now feel that I have a complete toolset to help others and combined with previous experiences of enabling people I am able to teach these skills so that clients take on  new ways of approaching their health and the influence they have in their lives.

My background is as an Occupational Therapist having worked for 30 years in Health and Social Care, as both a clinician providing services for people with disabilities and supporting staff in a managerial role, providing supervision, training and personal development whilst also managing locality Occupational Therapy services. I have worked within Occupational Health as an Ergonomist providing assessment and training to support workers in their jobs as well as providing an assessment service to departments and outsourced contracts identifying improvements to working practice and environments.

“Fiona’s deep kindness, knowledge and professionalism make her an extraordinary practitioner” Phil Parker